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The EPBA launches a website on guidance for battery safety

October 1st, 2015

Brussels, 6 October 2015 — The European Portable Battery Association launched today a website with guidance on how to handle safely button/coin cells – This dedicated website is addressed to parents as well as the medical profession to ensure they have all the necessary information on safe usage of the batteries. It also highlights the steps medical professionals can take in case of an incident.

“With this website, the portable power industry underlines the importance it gives to the safe use of batteries” said Hans Craen, Secretary General of EPBA. “Incidents with ingested small size batteries (coin cells) continue to occur and can pose, much like other small objects, a high risk to the health of children in particular. This website contains important information to raise additional awareness to the risks of battery ingestion while at the same time it aims to provide relevant information to the medical profession in order to improve the appropriate diagnosis.”

The website sets out the general risks related to the use of batteries and button/coin cells in particular. Following this, it provides practical tips to parents to limit the risks of battery ingestion by children as well as advice on what parents can do in case a battery has been ingested by their child. The section addressed to the medical sector includes more detailed and technical information on the diagnosis and the steps to take in case battery ingestion is suspected with a patient.

The safe and correct use of batteries has always been on the forefront of the portable power industry. This microsite highlights the engagement of the portable power industry to provide relevant and practical advice on their products.

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