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EPBA publishes the 2017 results for national collection of waste portable batteries in the EU as well as Norway and Switzerland

March 12th, 2019

BRUSSELS, 12 MARCH 2019 — The European Portable Battery Association (EPBA) released today the 6th update of its annual report on the collection of waste portable batteries. This report provides the most up to date analysis of the collection rates for portable batteries in the EU Member States as well as Norway and Switzerland.

Based on the 2017 data, 18 out of the 28 EU Member States have reached or exceeded the 45% collection target. The findings of the report re-affirm the challenges EPBA has consistently signalled in relation to achieving the actual level of the target as well as the calculation methodology to measure the target.

Hans Craen, Secretary General of EPBA, stated: “The findings of the 2017 update are in line with the previous annual updates and underline again the need for a proper evaluation of the calculation methodology.” He added that “With the revision of the batteries directive under way, the timing is right to have a constructive discussion with the decision makers and to come to a workable and robust calculation methodology which takes into account the realities of the portable battery market. One point this report clearly shows, is that a calculation basis on a three-year sales average does not correctly reflect the time a portable battery stays on the market.”

The report also shows that 12 EU member states have a collection result lower than the one achieved in 2016. Although the difference is sometimes small, some of these countries did achieve a higher actual collection of spent batteries but this was offset by an even higher number of batteries put on market. This again underlines the importance of re-evaluating the current calculation methodology.

Finally, a recurring point regarding the collection results relates the overall quality of the data used for calculating the targets. In particular for two countries, we notice unrealistic results which come through the inclusion of volumes collected in previous years (Croatia) and questions on the correctness of the reported data (Slovakia).
The report can be downloaded via the EPBA website – link to the report.


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The European Portable Battery Association is the leading voice of the portable power industry. It supports the common interests of its members regarding portable batteries and battery chargers with European institutions and other leading international bodies to provide consumers with complete power solutions which are sustainable across their life-cycle.

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