EPBA Study on the Collection of Waste Portable Batteries in Europe – data 2013 (full version)

The collection of portable primary and rechargeable batteries in Europe is mandated by Directive 2006/66/EC which requires Member States to achieve a collection rate of 25% in 2012 and 45% in 2016.

The European portable power industry commissioned consultants Perchards/Sagis to carry out a study investigating and advising on the achievement of mandatory collection rates for portable primary and rechargeable batteries in EU Member States, plus Norway and Switzerland. In 2014, EPBA commissioned an update of the study taking into account 2013 data.

The industry intends to use the study as a basis for dialogue with the European Commission, Member State Governments, their agencies and other stakeholders to highlight the limitations of the current regulations and practices as a basis for suggested improvements.

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